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Happy birthday to of my best pals, this is a sus picture of me pointing like a proud Aunti…so I thought it was appropriate.


Imposter. Con man. Rip-off artist. Sham. They’re all words for those who faking it is an occupation. Some of the phonies on this list are fictional, while some come straight from real life. Whether you’re interested in teasing out the differences between appearances and reality or you just like a good thriller, our favorite scam stories will make you look at charming strangers in a whole new light. 



LMAO this nigga 50 smh

KBBQ skills very jet li in these streets…

Got a chance to stop by the new Oak LA, great build out…(honorable mention: fish grille next door.)

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8/17/14 - Jessica Alba throwing the first pitch at the LA Dodgers Game.